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Ceramic Artist

Judith Paisley

My early years, despite my passion for art, were channelled into banking and finance……

as far a field and detached from the arts as one could possibly get.

I enrolled for sculpture classes at Carine Technical College many years ago but due to family business, and full  time work commitments that was put on hold.


23 years later…………   My introduction to pottery………..


Whilst wandering through a winery supporting the arts during Spring in the Valley in 2005, I happened upon a potter, tucked away in a corner, weaving  her magic on the potters wheel. Fascinated by the seductive interaction between clay and hands, I fell victim instantaneously. 

I attended basic classes at Perth Studio Potters for a while then set up my own studio at home.


Not having had any formal arts training, I found confidence allusive, expectation a hard task master, and time an unfair enemy. I thoroughly enjoy throwing on the wheel however after an inspiring workshop with raku artist Britta Stolle Jacob, I learned to appreciate the unlimited potential of hand building, a turning point for me.


 I have since developed a strong passion for the raw and rustic nature of RAKU and ALTERNATIVE FIRING, yet in the extreme seem to be heavily influenced by the fine dramatic simplicity of the Oriental Style Art forms.  I combine both where possible along with the introduction of mixed media.


What I find fascinating about ceramics is the huge variety of disciplines from which to choose  and explore, requiring different areas and levels of expertise.  Having started later in life and not having the formal training in the basics or complexities of glaze formulation, I thought focusing on one

discipline would be far more beneficial for me.  I have finally and very comfortably nestled into the offshoot of Raku and related Firings. 

What I love about Raku and alternative firing is the close interaction with nature and the elements, the fact that the artist has so much physical input and influence throughout most of the process and that the final results are almost instantaneous. I love that child like "Christmas morning opening of presents feeling" when you lift the lid of the reduction chamber to see the birth of your new creation.  Most Rakuists would relate to that.

From a safety point of view it is advisable to have someone to assist with the firing.  Besides it is an exciting experience and should be shared.

Actually the shared passion and comradery among Rakuists is quite extraodinary, dare I say almost spiritual.  With the serendipitous nature of the firing and the treatment in reduction, you can always expect unique one off pieces.  There are no set rules as such, with plenty of scope for experimentation and room to put your own stamp on varying outcomes. We remain the eternal student......learning how "not to be too precious about our pieces" which allows us to experiment, learn and grow. We are not in control, but part of the process and limited only by our imagination.

I joined Perth Studio Potters as a general member in 2005, then a general committee member for a year and executive committee member for 6 years. I thank them for the introduction to the wonderful world of clay, for the inspiration, encouragement and the opportunity to interact with like minded people.

Being heavily involved in administration for 6 years left very little time to personally play with clay or develop any direction in ceramics.

I stepped down from the committee and club in 2013 to further my personal ceramics career from my home studio.

Now finally having the freedom to develop and research, I draw my inspiration from incredible raku artists such as Tim Andrews, David Roberts, Wally Asselberg, Charlie Rigg and sculptural ceramists Peter Hayes and Peter Beard...but there is no shortage out there of incredibly talented artist to help stimulate and motivate.   Local and overseas workshops are an essential source of learning for me but I have also found ceramics on the internet - (UTube, Pinterest and now Instagram) to be other great resources, both informative and inspiring.  My ever increasing ceramic library is of course an ongoing source of informative encouragement and inspiration....forever grateful to those so willing to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience to help others to develop their own ceramic language and journey.


2013 -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition - "Highly Commended Award"
2015 -  CAAWA Selective Exhibition - "Highly Commended Award"
              (selector - Janet Holmes A'court)
2016 -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition - "Creative Award"
2017 -  CAAWA Selective Exhibition - "The Kusnik Award of Excellence"
              (selector - Pippin Drysdale)
2019 -  CAAWA Biennial Selective Exhibition -  "The Judges Award"
              (selector - Janis Nadela)
2021 -  CAAWA Biennial Selective Exhibition - "Highly Commended Award"
              (selector - Colin Walker - Director WA Art Gallery)
2022 -  CAAWA Annual Selective Exhibition - "Judges Award"
(selector - Warrick Palmateer)  



1982   Carine Technical College ....Sculpture - 2 terms (left for full time work)

2005   Perth Studio Potters .... Basic introduction to pottery

2013   Tuscany/Italy ..... Raku Course, Nake Raku, Bucchero, Pit firing

           with Mara Funghi.

2015   Tuscany/Italy .... Naked Raku, Resist Techniques, Surface & Textural

           treatments, Development of own personal ceramic language.

           with David Roberts.....Master Class.

2015   Basel/Switzerland .... Texture/Resist and Glazing Techniques high   

           fire and photography.  with Peter Beard   

2018   Neuchatel / Switzerland ... Terrasigillata and Smoke Firing 

           with Suzy & Jens Balkert (Swiss and Danish Ceramists)



2007  -  Perth Studio Potters Biennial Selective Exhibition

2008  -  PSP Grand Opening Burt St Gallery Exhibition

2009  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition

2011  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition

2011  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2012  -  Perth College Art Exhibition

2012  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2013  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition  (Highly Commended Award)

2013  -  Hale Art Exhibition

2013  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2013  -  Our Joint Exhibition 3 Ceramists, 1 Painter “4 OF US”

2014  -  Ceramics Arts Association WA Internet Exhibition

2014  -  Hale Art Exhibition

2014  -  Mazenod College Art Exhibition

2014  -  CAAWA Online Exhibition

2014  -  Our Joint Exhibition "3 PLUS 3" ... 3 Ceramists, 3 Painters

2015  -  Perth College ArtExhibition

2015  -  Churchlands College Art Exhibition

2015  -  PSP Scale Exhibition, Central Park, Perth W.A.

2015 -   CAAWA Biennial Selective Exhibition (Highly Commended Award)

2015  -  Hale Art Exhibithion

2015  -  Mazenod Art Exhibition

2016  -  PSP Biennial Selective Exhibition (Creative Award)

2016  -  Churchlands College Art Exhibition

2016  -  Pigments of your Imagination Exhibition (in June)

2016  -  Studio Gallery Yallingup - Self Portrait Exhibition

2016  -  Hale Art Exhibition

2016  -  CAAWA Delegates Exhibition, Potober, Central Tafe. W.A

2016  -  Our Joint Exhibition 3 Ceramists, 1 Painter - "4 OF US"

2017  -  CAAWA Selective Exhibition (The Kusnik Award of Excellence)

2017  -  Hale Art Exhibition (25th Anniversary Exhibition)

2017  -  PSP 60th Anniversary Exhibition

2018  -  Studio Gallery Yallingup - Art & Influences (1 ceramist 1 painter)

2018  -  Hale Art Exhibition

2018  -  CAAWA Delegates Exhibition, Potober, Central Tafe. W.A

2019  -  CAAWA Members Selective  Exhibition (Judges Award)

2021  -  CAAWA Members Selective Exhibition (Highly Commended Award)

2022  -  Studio Gallery Yallingup - Joint Ceramics Exhibition (4 ceramists)

2022  -  Perth College - (On Line Art Exhibition - due to COVID) 

2022  -  CAAWA Selective Exhibition  (Judges Award)

2023  -  Perth College Exhibition

2024  -  Perth College Exhibition

2024  -

2025  -

2025  -

2025  -

Elizabeth Quay, Perth

The STUDIO GALLERY  Marrinup Drive, Yallingup

Shop 17 Plaza Arcade, 650 Hay Street Mall, Perth


Vol 56 No 2 July 2017 page 5


Perth Studio Potters Inc, Cottesloe. Western Australia


2006     Publicity

2007     Vice President, Publicity

2008     Vice President, Publicity, Gallery Curator

2009     Vice President, Publicity, Gallery Curator

2010     Vice President, Publicity, Gallery Curator

2011     President, Publicity, Gallery Curator

2012     President, Publicity, Gallery Curator

2013     Stepped down to further personal ceramics career.


Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia

2016    General Committee - CAAWA - Ceramic Arts Assoc. W.A.

2017   General Committee - CAAWA - Ceramic Arts Assoc. W.A.

2017, 2019, 2021  (Coordinator of Biennial Ceramic SELECTIVE EXHIBTIION)

2021  (CO-coordinator of Ceramic Biennial "MUDFEST" Forum) -cancelled due to COVID

2020/21 CAAWA Treasurer



CAAWA - Ceramic Arts Association Western Australia
TACA - The Australian Ceramics Association


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