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                                        Judith Paisley     Kim Maple      Victoria Malone      Beverley McMahon


Our First Joint Exhibition..........."THE FOUR OF US" 


What a RUSH!  Both in adrenalin and time.  This was a last minute decision, with

no plans in place.  This is obviously a great way to work, because within a few weeks,

we were all fired up with venue arranged, advertising material done, bodies of work completed, photography organized, editorials prepared, new display plinths whipped up and raring to go! 


"THE FOUR OF US "    8th - 10th November 2013


Judith Paisley, Kim Maple, Victoria Malone and Beverley McMahon.


The four of us had worked together for many years, as a dedicated team with a shared responsibility

in the administration of a local arts facility.  We work together incredibly well, so collaborating artistically with a joint exhibition seemed a natural progression.


The venue for the exhibition was held at Kim Maples house in Cottesloe, renovated in purpose built gallery style to showcase her incredible paintings, a perfectly beautiful location for our first exhibition, less intimidating, more personal and no hassle.  It was very colourful, warm and inviting. 

We had the most incredibly encouraging response, with opening night and exhibition such a fantastic success, it certainly whetted our appetites with a view to making this an annual event.


Thanks Kim  and Tom for your amazing generosity in offering your wonderful showcase home for our special event. 


A few pics from the event..........

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